1/32 Power Slot QUAD


And here you can see two videos:

With this model in Power Slot we are very satisfied with its outcome, particularly because it will be affordable to all fans with a very competitive price.

We hope that you enjoy it.

Best regards
Power Slot

PS: Excuse que no parlamos italiano, tal vez en español sería mejor.

2 commenti su “1/32 Power Slot QUAD

  1. Bello….quando sarà in vendita in Italia?
    Beautiful….when we could find it in Italy?

    • Hola,

      In Spain and the rest of Europe the dealing starts on Monday 16.

      In Italia, at the moment we have no dealer, let’s see if anyone is interested …

      Aquí en España, y en el resto de Europa, la semana del 16 empezará la distribución. Lamentablemente no tenemos de momento distribuidor en Italia, a ver si alguien se anima!!

      Power Slot

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