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Black Arrow is a Spanish company that developes all its R&D and assembling in Spain. Due to the complexity and specialization of the products, Black Arrow counts with more than 30 suppliers in 5 different countries, carrying out all the quality control and 100% of the assembling and adjustment of its models in its Spain facilities.

Black Arrow was born at the beginning of 2011, despite we were more than a year and a half planning and designing how the company should be. In all that time there have been necessary a lot of hours of work for allowing to accomplish each component, as all them have been entirely developed by us. Each part has been carefully studied for fulfilling the high quality requirements that more and more, enthusiasts demand to the slot products. Black Arrow did not want to miss this knowledge and has achieved that each single part fulfils with such demands.

Black Arrow’s goal is to offer 1/32 scale model cars of really high reproduction quality with first level performance on the track.

For getting that, first matter was to select the model to be reproduced. A model that would allow us to incorporate our technology without room limitations, which would have a spectacular appearance and with a great brand behind it. For that and after long negotiations, we got to sign an official license agreement with Aston Martin, for reproducing their prize-winning model DBR9 1/32 scale. We believe that the model has never been fairly reproduced by other brands , so this has been our little tribute to this great racing car.

Aesthetically speaking, the body has been designed starting from the original files provided by Aston Martin and adapted in order to make its production viable. Hundreds of hours behind the computer have allowed a really spectacular model without looking down on the dynamic side, as the completed body has a very low weight (+/- 19.50 gr) which can be yet reduced by changing the driver plate and glasses for polycarbonate ones (+/- 16.80 gr).


Pre-Production Chassis

Pre-Production Chassis

Concerning to the mechanical side and because starting from “zero”, we could freely design each component trying to improve what the market currently offers, and we really believe to have achieved it. Following we are detailing you the components that will be incorporated in our first model, the Black Arrow Aston Martin DBR9 1/32 scale:
– Chassis with “IN-FLEX” technology
– Low Friction conical pinion & gear
– 3/32 calibrated axles
– Lightened rear rims made in aluminum (1.05 gr)
– Lightened front rims made in Delrin (0.65 gr)
– APACHE motor: 28.500 rpm & 350 gr*cm @12V
– Titanium Torx head screws
– High grip rear tires
– “Zero” grip front tires
– Oxygen free copper wires made with ultra-flex silicone cover
– Spherical bronze bushings.
– Front & Rear springs for motor bed suspension
– High hardness steel screws (slave screws)
– Delrin washers for front axle wideness regulation

Possible adjustments:
– Body height
– Front axle position & displacement
– Rear suspension displacement
– Rear suspension springs load
– Front & Rear axles wideness

We also have some optional parts, by the moment we can offer you these items as “starters”

-Anodized aluminium rims
-55mm G.T. axles (Golden Treatment)
-34Z Gear
-14Z Pinion

All Black Arrow spare parts will be displayed in a transparent box, having a double task; in one hand it will protect the pats during handling & transportation, but on the other hand it will also allow you to have your parts well organized in your trips.

We want to inform you that our products can be acquired ONLY through our website WWW.BLACKARROW.ES, on which further than our complete catalogue, you will be able to find news, technical reports, competition calendar, pictures, videos, and a long etc. Besides, you will find a section fully dedicated to slot clubs spread along the world, with all the info about them and their geographic location.
We invite you to check our web WWW.BLACKARROW.ES, come in and find all that we can offer you. Also you can follow us in Twitter @BlackArrowTeam and Facebook

In a couple of days our web site will be available in ENGLISH

Please, contact us for any enquiries in

Thanks to all you!

Javier Alcaraz
Black Arrow Team

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  1. Qualcuno secondo me sarà particolarmente contento dell’uscita di questa macchina.. 🙂

    Un saluto

  2. Hello everybody,

    Thanks for your comments.

    We are working to launch our Aston Martin DBR9 ASAP!.


    Javier Alcaraz

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